We provide our local and foreign clients with broad range of legal assistance with respect to all aspect of legal life of corporations, including establishment, merger, split-up, transformation, or winding-up.

Our services comprise mainly:

• establishment of companies, including assistance in obtaining trade license and registration in Commercial Registry or other pertinent registry
• drafting basic corporate documents (memorandums of association, foundation deeds, by-laws)
• drafting shareholders contracts
• providing for general assembly meetings, statutory bodies meetings, supervisory board meetings or other meetings held within the corporate structure
• registering changes in Commercial Registry, Trade Registry and other relevant registries
• legal counseling with respect to increase and decrease of registered capital of a company
• legal counseling with respect to a change of legal form of a company
• legal counseling with respect to mergers, fusions and split-ups of companies
• legal counseling with respect to winding-up and liquidation of companies
• legal counseling to foreign clients interested in establishing business in the Slovak Republic