• Law diminishes with the increase of power
  • Every great act seems impossible at the beginning
  • Nobody can advance further, if they do not know where to go
  • Crisis enhances productivity. It just has to be freed from a flavor of catastrophe
  • Experience is the teacher of all things
  • The text of law does not matter, it is the correct interpretation that counts
  • Problems cannot be solved with the same way of thinking that created them
  • World needs justice, not charity
  • Never underestimate the importance of local knowledge
  • Wisdom should not merely be acquired, it should also be applied

Legal Assistance

We offer complex legal services in all fields of law for domestic clients and clients coming from abroad.


We have experience of over 25 years in provision of legal service at the topmost level.

Our Team

Our team of lawyers and experts guarantees your entire satisfaction with our services and ensures that you maintain your confidence in us.

Law Firm

We are a law firm that has been continuously providing legal services since 1991. Highly professional and experienced lawyers work in our team. Since our first appearance on the legal services market we have acquired a solid position in the Slovak legal and justice system. During the years of our existence we have become as one of the most reputable law firms in the Slovak Republic.



In a society where respect for democracy is one of the leading constitutional principles, BIZOŇ & PARTNERS has a unique position, since independent and unbiased provision of legal services represents the basic instrument of the protection of human rights and freedoms against the interventions of state power.



We serve the cause of justice and those who have entrusted us with their representation. We strictly observe our confidentiality obligations with respect to all matters we came across when providing legal services.



We always defend our clients´ best interests by ethical means. When providing legal services, we attach the utmost importance to the interest of our client and it represents our top priority.

Do You need legal assistance ?

JUDr. Juraj Bizoň leads the team of lawyers working for BIZOŇ & PARTNERS, Ltd.

He graduated from the Comenius University in Bratislava in 1985. A year after obtaining a law degree he completed his postgraduate studies and was awarded an academic title Doctor of Law (JUDr.). After passing judicial services exam, he became a judge and worked in District Courts in Bratislava and Nitra. In 1991, after being admitted as a member of Slovak Bar Association (licence no. 968), he started his private law practice by establishing a law firm BIZOŇ & PARTNERS, Ltd. and has been providing legal services as an attorney ever since. JUDr. Bizoň has participated in various traineeships and study visits in foreign law firms and universities, mostly in Great Britain. He is also bankruptcy trustee, registered with the Ministry of Justice (licence no. S 1627). He is fluent in English and partly in Russian and German. Owing to his rich professional experience, he is active in all legal fields, whilst focusing on the protection of human rights and freedoms.

Our Team


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